The middle of March is the best time to start treatment for crab grass

Core aerate the lawn to reduce soil compaction

Remove remaining leaves from turf to encourage growth

Best time to plant new shrubs, trees, and flowering bulbs

Mulch landscape beds to protect plant roots from freezing

Best time to core aerate and over seed a thin lawn

Fertilize the lawn to promote strong root growth during winter

Winterize exterior water faucets and irrigation system to prevent freeze


Water lawn at a rate of 1” per week

Treat lawn for grub worms in late June through mid-July

Inspect shrubs for bug infestation

Cut lawn at a minimum of 3 1/4" to relieve drought stress
Avoid walking on frost covered lawn

Remove snow buildup from evergreens to prevent damage

If ice or snow damages shrubs or tree, remove damaged branches as soon as
weather permits.

Damaged trees and shrubs are prone to disease.

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